One Broadway Hotel and Plaza

Downtown San Diego’s waterfront is being redeveloped. Eight blocks on the North Embarcadero at Broadway and Harbor Drive will soon be one of the most desirable world class destinations.

Pacific Gateway
One Broadway Hotel and Plaza

Papa Doug Manchester of Manchester Pacific Financial Group and Alan Gold of IQHQ will bring San Diego over 4,000 permanent jobs and $50 million in annual taxes and fees. 

Two of the eight waterfront blocks will completed by Manchester Pacific Gateway to include One Broadway Hotel and Plaza, a 5-start resort hotel with fine dining, luxury retail, entertainment and open parks.

Already completed is the 17-story Navy Region Southwest Headquarters.

The other five blocks will be a $1.5B San Diego Research and Development District, or RaDD, a waterfront life science campus. IQHQ plans to complete the first phase by summer of 2023.”

Manchester Convention Center Hotel
Manchester One Broadway Hotel Pool
Manchester Convention Hotel Park
Manchester One Broadway Hotel Park
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Manchester Pacific Gateway Ariel
Photo Source without labels: IQHQ, Inc.