Horton San Diego, the previous site of the Horton Plaza shopping mall, is set to become the location of two 40-story apartment towers. Stockdale Capital Partners, the company redeveloping the site into an office and retail center, plans to construct the towers on the former Macy’s department store that was part of the mall, with a second tower on G Street. Macy’s has been vacant since its closure in 2020.

Construction of the first tower on the Macy’s site, containing 518 apartments, 12,600 square feet of ground floor retail space on Broadway Circle and seven floors of parking with 616 spaces, will begin in 2025 and conclude in 2027. A second tower, including 332 apartments, is planned for a later date, bringing the total number of residential units to 850.

Stockdale Managing Partner, Dan Michaels, has revealed that adding housing to the Horton redevelopment has long been a part of the plan, and is in line with the property’s zoning. The first tower is still in the early design stages, but Michaels has confirmed that it will include seven floors of parking.

The new development will boast a variety of amenities, including a rooftop pool, gym, clubhouse, and dog park.

Stockdale is also aiming to attract life science and high-tech tenants and retailers, and is currently in discussions with potential tenants in those fields, although Michaels was not willing to name any.

Michaels has expressed his excitement for the addition of two new residential towers, as he believes it will invigorate the site.

“Our commitment to the future activation of Horton remains deeply rooted, and we will continue to make significant investments in this one-of-a-kind asset for downtown San Diego,” said Michaels.

As of December, 2023, Stockdale Capital Partners announced the following companies who have signed retail leases; Sprouts, Salon Republic, Shake Shack, Sweetgreen and Studio 3 – and Rumble Boxing.